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Since 2015, we have been the Illusionist Distillery

A young, yet rich in experience distillery crafting the unexpected spirits. Curiosity has remained true to the heart of our craft even after all these years. Never tiring, we challenge what is known to explore what is possible when tradition meets progress. With the Sentinel Rum, we have achieved the ultimate goal of creating a high-quality, complex rum that invites you to discover rum and cocktails in a whole new way. 

We believe in experiencing life with all the senses, a unique journey of discovery that never ends.

The Sentinel Scented Rum
Versatile, inventive, mature

You have yet to experience a dark, organic rum like this: Sentinel is an astute explorer of tradition and technology manifesting a nuanced flavour composition. Its base is derived from the finest sugar cane distillate of refined with complex flavours of vanilla, caramel and fruit.


A high-tech delight: Acoustic Ageing assisted maturation gives the yet young distillate the maturity of aged toasted oak and premium Pedro Ximenez sherry.


Through this distinct technique, the Sentinel is given access to the full flavour of these casks for a perfect blend of tradition and progress: of course in 100% organic quality. A true novelty.

Perfect harmony of scent and versatility

One experience richer. Each bottle of Sentinel Rum is paired with one of the six Cocktail Scents - fragrances distinctly adapted to the flavour profile of the Sentinel Rum for enhancing cocktail creations. Simply spray them in, over or on top of the glass and enjoy your drinks with a unique sensory variety.


Each bottle of the Sentinel Rum comes with one of six Cocktail Scents - Fig, Cookie Dough, Dark Spice, Mandarin, Apricot or Hazelnut. Together with the Sentinel, they complement each other for new taste experiences and extravagant signature drinks.


Organic is our ethos. All ingredients of the Sentinel are of 100% organic origins, certified by the highest standards.DISCOVER THE SENTINEL


A perfect match for cocktails. Combined with the unique flavours of the Cocktail Scents, the Sentinel unfolds utterly new worlds of taste.OUR COCKTAILS


Tradition meets innovation. Thanks to our Acoustic Ageing, the Sentinel has an exceptionally mature profile - enhanced by the fruity notes from premium Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.TIME TO TRY


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